Progesterone levels second trimester


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Reply Posted on: May 16, 2017 at 10:55am
I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I have been having (2) 100 mg progesterone injections a week since 4 weeks pregnant because of previous losses. My OB is fairly progressive in our small town to even give me progesterone shots, so with the blessing of my NP I have also been taking 100 mg of oral progesterone as well. (the prescription for the 100 mg of oral progesterone is up at 16 weeks). According to posted levels of progesterone during pregnancy - my levels aren't bad but aren't great: (see below). However, I had a small drop in my levels over the last two weeks. The only difference is that my levels yesterday were taken after lunch whereas I typically have an appointment in the morning. I had also eaten a large meal. I am worried about the drop but the baby's heartbeat sounds good (150's). The OB doesn't want to increase my dose and that worries me. Is this being handled correctly? Thank you for your time.

NameStandard Range3/2/17

4 wk3/23/17

7 wk4/10/17

9 wk4/27/17

12 wk5/15/17

14 wk Progesteroneng/mL22.922.022.933.627.3

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RE: Progesterone levels second trimester Posted on: May 16, 2017 at 3:22pm
Following progesterone levels is of little value ,and most likely the treatments are not addressing any immune issue, unless there is no immune issue.
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