Question regarding TNF a treatments and preeclampsia


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Reply Posted on: Sep 25, 2016 at 10:16am
Hi Dr Braverman

Firstly thanks in advance for offering this option to post questions, which is invaluable to those in my position.

My history is one of three failed IVF cycles with my own eggs. I then had the full immune testing profile done in 2011 and had high NK cells and raised TNF a. I also had very poor egg quality which I now know is a known side effect of this immune profile. However with the use of intralipids, clexane and steroids I did achieve a twin pregnancy with donated eggs in 2013. Sadly I became very ill with pre eclampsia at 23 weeks which I also believe was a result of my condition, by this point I was no longer taking any immune medication. We have one surviving daughter.

We are now planning a FET and I have had my levels retested. Currently my NK 50:1 levels are 32, 25:1 27.0 and 12.5:1 24.2. My TNFa is 43.5. So, the same problems remain.

Essentially we want another child but the costs of some of the treatments are not realistic for us. I hope to take hydroxychloroquine for the TNF a and also steroids and intralipids with clexane as before, hopefully further into pregnancy. I don't want to have ivig or humira and we cannot afford them.

i would like to know if you think a protocol such as this could work, or whether you think it would be irresponsible to our embryos to consider a FET without other medication? We are also concerned about the costs of repeated retesting of levels, is this necessary?

Sincere thanks in advance