Raynaud's Disease and Pregnancy Loss

Raynaud's Phenomenon: An Underlying Autoimmune Disorder

An important yet often overlooked connection to miscarriage involves Raynaud's Phenomenon, an autoimmune disorder. Secondary Raynaud's is a form of Raynaud's phenomenon that is caused by an underlying autoimmune disorder such as scleroderma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, atherosclerosis, and others. When a Raynaud's attack occurs, the blood vessels in the hands and feet overreact to cold temperatures or stress. In most cases, cold temperatures trigger an attack, such as placing one's hands under a faucet with running cold water or exposure to cold temperatures. However, for some people, it isn't necessary to be exposed to the cold to have an attack; in fact, sometimes emotional stress alone can trigger an episode.

How Is Raynaud’s Linked To Miscarriage?

Many patients that have Raynaud's are not aware that they have an underlying autoimmune disease. Any autoimmune disease can lead to miscarriage, because in most cases, the body fails to turn off the immune attack against the embryo. As a patient, if you are suffering from Raynaud's, you could also have an autoimmune disease. You may be experiencing an underlying symptom of an autoimmune disease that may explain why you are miscarrying. Most local doctors and infertility specialists never make such connection, yet having Raynaud's or another undiscovered autoimmune disorder may be the root cause of why you are unable to have a successful pregnancy. Other symptoms include joint pain and rashes that are commonly associated with miscarriage.

Diagnostic Testing and Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are more common in women than men. It is believed in the medical community that the reason for this is because the estrogen in females influences the immune system and predisposes them to autoimmune diseases. In many instances, the presence of one autoimmune disease can increase the chance for developing another autoimmune disease, which occurs simultaneously. If you are suffering from Raynaud's disease or any other autoimmune disease, Dr. Braverman and our team can help you work to prevent a miscarriage.

Our team can perform a battery of diagnostic tests that may help us to understand and explain exactly what is causing you to miscarry, as well as, how we can prevent miscarriages in the future. Once we determine the cause of the problem, we will develop a treatment plan that we will put into effect, while we closely monitor your progress.

Our office has been voted as the best infertility practice on Long Island for three years in a row, and we will treat you with the same dignity and respect that has helped our previous patients successfully conceive and give birth to healthy children.

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