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Reply Posted on: Oct 1, 2014 at 10:41pm
I underwent a failed IVF cycle last month. I was called for stimulation on day 2 of my periods, but the doctor found that the endometrium is still thick and asked me to come next day. On day 3 it apparently cleared off and the stimulation was started. Everything went fine till the end , just that the E2 levels were a bit higher and the doctor had reported Polycystic Ovary before the stimulation was started.
17 eggs were retrieved, of which only 8 were mature and got fertilized. As we had opted for PGD- ICSI ( ON ALL 24 CHROMOSOMES) , only 2 embryos were found of good – very good quality. A 5 day embryo transfer was planned and I was told that I had a very good endometrial lining. 4 day past ET blood tests came out good . 9 day past ET beta HCG was 11.47, which dropped to 1. 7 on 13 day past ET.WHAT COULD HAVE GONE WRONG?
If it is implantation dysfunction … what could be the possible reasons OR
Does high estradiol levels have anything to do with this?
Should I ask for a mini IVF next time where stimulation starts a bit late ( on day 5 or 6).

Because the endometrium was still thick on day 2 of my periods , the doc thinks it has something to do with the lining and therefore has asked to get a hysteroscopy done.
My previous two pregnancies were natural , still could an immune response be linked to this failed IVF?

we have no fertility problem but have opted for ivf in an attempt to get back my son who passed away last month.

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RE: Reasons for failed IVF Posted on: Oct 2, 2014 at 7:48am
With PCOS there are multiple issues that need to be addressed. The timing of the trigger, the type of trigger used(should be Lupron) , thrombophilliic issues associated with PCOS and immune related implantation issues need to be addressed. Your outcome is quite common when these issues are not addressed in their entirety.
Fill out a consult from on the website and we will scheduule a free 10 mintue chat to discuss your case. Im sure I can help you.
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