2 failed ivf's, what now


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Reply 2 failed ivf's, what now Posted on: Dec 27, 2010 at 7:01pm
Hi Doctor, I hope you can help us. I am 32 and my hubby is 34. i have had 2 failed fresh ivf cycles this year. my husband has 99% antisperm antibodies so we did icis. my FSH is around 9 and my AMH is 1.2. Our first cycle only 3 eggs were retreived, 2 fertilized with icsi. they were transferred on day 3, i had i 4 cell and 1 5 cell. BFN. my second cycle i got 10 eggs, 8 fertilized with icsi. they transferred 2 5 cell on day 3. i have 5 frozen 1 5 cell, 2 4 cell, and 2 pn stage. we cant understand what is wrong. what do you suggest we do next. my hubbys sperm is a little on the low side and morphology wasnt good. i dont want to do another cycle until we find something. i wonder if its my eggs or the sperm. i winder becuase my cells never get passed the 5 cell that they never will and i heard that theres nothing anyone can do for that. any help is appreciated. thanks doctor.

Dr. Braverman

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Re: 2 failed ivf's, what now Posted on: Dec 28, 2010 at 5:13am
Hi Disneygirl,

It seems that although you are not making it passed 5 cell on day 3, there are no obvious issues with egg quality that I can see. Your FSH(although just below cutoff of 10) is normal , as is your AMH. So your results based solely on that are surprising. I suspect this is either a stimulation issue(would love to see the stim sheets) or possbilbly a male factor in which case I would like to see a DNA fragmentation and oxidative stress assay.
There are many supplements I have my patients on that also have a dramatic effect on egg quality.
Feel free to call my office if you would like to schedule a consultation , I would be happy to go over all your records and give you my recommendations as well as order any necessary testing for you. You might even benefit coming to NY and lettin us manage your entire cycle.
I hope I can be of service to you . Good Luck.
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