Types of Miscarriages

Prevent Miscarriage with Proven Specialists

There is a wide variety of causes for miscarriage and after multiple miscarriages and repeatedly unsuccessful treatments, you may feel overwhelmed and despairing of ever finding the right answers. If this is the case, don't lose hope. Our clinic is often the last port of call for individuals and couples with fertility issues and we consistently maintain one of the highest success rates in New York despite the complexity of the cases we take on.

No matter whether you have suffered any of the following, we can help:

We utilize advanced diagnostic testing to identify the real underlying issue that must be addressed to allow you to achieve your goal of expanding your family. Our testing continues throughout your treatment and even after pregnancy, to allow us to monitor your condition and the progress of the embryo and take any needed actions. This approach reduces a large amount of the chance that is otherwise involved in the process and we pride ourselves on our accurate detection of issues and the vast array of solutions we are able to implement. Whether your trouble has to do with non immune causes or immunologic causes, we can provide comprehensive treatment to support your dream of a family.

Personalized Treatment Utilizing Reproductive Immunology

Dr. Jeffery Braverman has addressed countless different infertility scenarios and is adept at determining the most effective treatment. Every member of our team has been with the clinic for at least 20 years and is dedicated to doing everything possible to make your experience with us as comfortable and as successful as possible.

If you have suffered multiple miscarriages, contact Dr. Braverman for help determining the cause and your most appropriate treatment program.