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Reply 4 miscarrages Need some Advice please Posted on: Apr 27, 2011 at 4:56am
Hello Dr. Braverman ,

I am 43 years young , my husband is 40 , I have three adult children , so health info on me , I am very healthy , I am RH Factor , I had a loss when I was 18 years old baby @11 weeks , I had my tubes tied back in 1992 , when I remarried, my husband and I started talking about having a child of our own , we could not afford IVF , so I got on the internet and typed in Tubal Reversal to this day I have not Idea how I came up with the , well to my surprise it could be done , I did a lot of research and talk to many tubal reversal Doctors well we found the best Doctor in Kentucky , not only does he do a remarkable reversal .After the surgery he is there for everyone of his clients to help them with there pregnancy and he has been there for me 100% , I had the surgery on 3/19/2009 all went well and I got pregnant the first time in July 2009 , I lost that baby around 7 weeks seen heartbeat , second pregnancy was in march 2010 lost that baby around 7 weeks , third pregnancy I lost at 17 dpo , fourth pregnancy March 2011 lost @ 7.5 weeks seen heartbeat , I have had to take promethium with all four pregnancy , after the third loss Dr put me on metformin in the hopes it would help the next pregnancy . I have had all natural miscarriage at home . after this loss he wants me to go to a perinatologist , he said not to go to anyone else because they will push me to do IVF , and I will still have a loss with IVF , we need to find out why I am having recurrent miscarriages, I am at a loss right now , this has been a rough year with the losses and my husband had to have major neck surgery from a car wreck and we have a small business we are trying to keep it going , all we want is one child together . I will never give up I am a fighter, I am having a hard time finding a good doctor were we live (west palm beach , Fl ) I have had three Doctors with my pregnancy and they all want to push me to IVF , and the last Doctor told me that I did not need to have a RhoGam Shot ,and I have always had them after a birth or a loss , I hope you can lead me in the right direction , oh my the way I never had the tissue from any of my miscarriages tested , and after the third pregnancy I developed the worst allergies and they have not gone away since , I have never had allergies in my life . I do have insurance , it is united health care golden rule not sure it they cover fertility issue . Thank You for you input Lisa G

Dr. Braverman

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Re: 4 miscarrages Need some Advice please Posted on: Apr 27, 2011 at 3:11pm
I agree, you do not need IVF but a thorough workup to check for immune issues it is very likely you can still concieve naturally but there is certainly an immune component with your history. Feel free to call my office and ask for Kim , she will arrange a consultation with me. Im sure I can help you.
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