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Reply Amazing Doctor!! Posted on: Sep 15, 2010 at 7:08pm
I was referred to Dr. Braverman by Dr. Vidali in Manhattan. I went to see Dr. Vidali after having a Chem Pregnancy (with a doctor in Los Angeles) and having the feeling that my body was rejecting pregnancy. Dr. Vidali went through my whole medical history and said that before we spend another dollar or make me go through more hormone treatments, he wanted me to see his partner Dr. Braverman. Dr. Braverman did immune tests and came back with results that i had a high NK cell count, am a DQ Alpha match and an HLA match with my husband and that it is technically impossible for us to get naturally pregnant unless we dismantle my immune system. As you can imagine i was frazzled with the info and didn't fully understand it either but he walked me through everything numerous times and explained step by step what we would do. Needless to say after all the treatments and intralipids and everything i got pregnant and i am now 5 months pregnant with a boy. (by the way when i called my dr. in LA to tell him i got pregnant and have an immune problem, his reaction was "we dont believe in that in LA". Ridiculous!)

Dr. Braverman (and his nurse Sandra as well) have been AMAZING! Like other people have mentioned in their postings, i have been able to email and call them late at night with panic moments of needles not being right or sudden spotting etc and i was constantly reassured and put at ease. Dr. Braverman constantly guided me and made me feel like everything was going to be alright. I truly believe that part of what made this happen is that he made me feel confident and relaxed and kept incredibly careful watch over my meds and dosages. I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Braverman and his staff and i recommend anyone to see him as he makes miracles happen!