Another Dr. B success story!


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Reply Another Dr. B success story! Posted on: Sep 28, 2010 at 12:59am
Although my journey was not quite as long as others, I couldn't say better things about Dr. Braverman. We got married in July 2009 and immediately started trying to have a baby. Deep down I knew I was going to have issues conceiving (I had long and irregular cycles). We tried for 6 months on our own and then my OB did bloodwork and said I wasn't ovulating and wanted to start me on clomid. My gut feeling was there was a little more going on and I wanted to get a second opinion. I belonged to a family discussion board and all the girls raved about Dr. Braverman. Our first appointment was at the end of March and we were so excited and nervous. Dr. Braverman answered all my questions, eased my mind and told us we will have a baby! I loved the fact the Dr. Braverman didn't waste anytime and got started right away. Within a few days I had some answers and within 2 weeks we had a plan for the next cycle. The first cycle we did an IUI which unfortunately didn't work. After the first cycle Dr. Braverman asked how aggressive we wanted to be and gave us a say in how we would proceed. We were lucky enough to get pregnant with twins on our second cycle in June! Not only can I thank Dr. Braverman for getting us pregnant but also for sending me to the best OB, Dr. Pilliteri and the best high risk doctor, Dr. Kofinas. It turns out I had damage to both placentas and a shortening cervix and I feel I have Dr. Braverman to thank for recommending me to Dr. Kofinas because otherwise I am not sure my issues would have been found.

Dr. Braverman is the most caring doctor I have ever met. He truly cares about all of his patients and will do everything he can to get you pregnant. I am sitting here writing this, 19 weeks pregnant and feeling my babies move in my belly because of this man! I could never thank him enough!