Dr. Braverman, a Doctor who believes in the impossible!


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Reply Dr. Braverman, a Doctor who believes in the impossible! Posted on: Sep 30, 2010 at 2:17am
My name is Lucy and at 42 plus years old I conceived my child through my first attempt with IVF while in the care of Dr. Braverman and his team. I gave birth to my baby girl 1 week after turning 43 and believe my baby is a miracle that was given to us through the hands of an awesome doctor who sincerely cares about his patients and is by far the most intelligent and progressive doctor I encountered while dealing with my infertility issues.

It sounds like it was an easy ride for me but it was not. I had several issues causing my infertility problems. I have endometriosis, hypothyroidism and apparently my body does not recognize pregnancy when I am pregnant causing a hostile environment.

I had a previous miscarriage that left me heartbroken in 2008 and when the OBGYN at the time said "it was not meant to be" and "well, you are 41 years old" I was devastated. This was not what I expected from my doctor, I thought he would have been more compassionate. I tried for 3 months on my own to get pregnant and then was told to see a fertility specialist. My OBGYN referred me to the fertility center at North Shore Manhasset. My experience there was terrible to say the least! They really didn't treat me all that well and never offered me IVF. I had 3 failed IUI's with them and I was told again by these doctors that I was over 40 and it would be almost impossible to get pregnant even with assistance. They wanted to do surgery for my endometriosis and to remove a fibroid and chocolate cyst and then I could try on my own, maybe I would conceive then. I knew that I had to leave this group and find a doctor who would work with me. I worked with them for 6 months with no success or hope.

I was told by a family member to contact Dr. Braverman and that if anyone could help me realize my dream of having a child of my own it would be Dr. Braverman. I called him in tears after leaving North Shore Reproducitve Center with my medical records. He asked me to come in and looked over my records. He had some tests done on me and knew immediately what was causing my infertility and how to address it. Dr. Braverman handles fertility issues that most doctors are not even educated about. He is progressive and up to date with the latest technology. Because of him I have my miracle baby without any surgery. He not only worked with me but truly cared about me and my well being.

I remember saying to him through my tears, "All I ask is that you try your best, I do not expect a miracle." And he replied, "Expect a miracle, I do."

I shared my story for all the women over 40 and anyone struggling with infertility to have hope. Keep believing!