Dr. Braverman A Life Saver!


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Reply Dr. Braverman A Life Saver! Posted on: Oct 5, 2010 at 6:49pm
We been trying to get pregnant for quite some time, about 4 years. We went through about 10 IUI's and 3 IVF's to no avail. Then one day we heard Dr. Braverman on the radio and said we have nothing to lose in trying another doctor. He was very charming and very knowledged in what he does. We tried an IVF right away and got pregnant but lost the pregnancy very early due to a clotting problem which Dr. Braverman found out through various bloodwork. We tried again and got pregnant with the help of therapy along with the IVF. Our little boy was born at 28 weeks at 2lbs. and 15oz. He was an absolute godsend and Dr. Braverman coudln't of done a better job. We highly recommend anyone considering reproductive immunology. We would like to thank Dr. Braverman and his staff. Keep up the great work.Eric & Lisa W.