Dr Braverman is one of a kind!


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Reply Dr Braverman is one of a kind! Posted on: Dec 18, 2011 at 1:54am
I feel compelled to write about my life changing experience with dr. Braverman and share my story with others. My story is yet another proof of how unbelievably wonderful, caring and knowledgeable dr Braverman is. He is an outstanding physician and i feel extremely blessed to have been his patient!

We started trying to get pregnant in early 2010 and after much research decided to see another pretty famous NYC doctor, who seemed to have raves all over Internet. I knew that i was not ovulating properly, so the plan seemed simple enough - just get me to ovulate with the help of clomid and try timed intercourse. All tests were taken from both me and my husband and i came for my second appointment to get the results and possibly start with clomid. Only that it turned out that nothing was simple. NYC dr told me that my husband's sperm results came back and that his sperm count and motility are extremely low and we only have 65% chance with IVF. i was shocked and in tears. IVF?? wait.. i came here for clomid, and now you are telling me i need IVF?? I kept asking if there is anything that can be done about results, maybe a consult with an urologist? maybe a repeat test? i was given a short "no" answer and all my further questions were pretty much disregarded. they almost had me sign up for IVF cycle for that month. Thank god, i had a few friends who were a bit suspicious about jumping into IVF without researching other options. In short, we consulted with an urologist, who determined that my husband has a varicocele, which should be reversible with operation. And still, we were not rushing with the operation. We researched and tried multiple supplements for sperm counts and motility. When we went back to NYC dr and he re-did SA analysis, which showed almost normal levels. "well, maybe you do not need IVF at this point" was the response. I got pregnant during next cycle with clomid and IUI, however it sadly ended in mc at around 7 weeks. I was extremely not happy with NYC dr i was seeing. and here comes my first mention of dr B:-) When i was miscarrying, NYC dr was not sure if i was having an ectopic or not ( another long story), so on my way to a repeat u/s and in tears, i was talking to my friend, who suggested i call dr B and ask him to see me and get his opinion on whether i was having ectopic or not. I heard raves of dr B, but I knew he was in LI, and i was hesitant, since we live in NJ. i finally decide to call. In tears, i dial dr B's number and beg Kim to make an apt for me within next few days, as i need to know what is going on. She tells me he is fully booked, but promises me to talk to him. Of course, i felt this is just an excuse to get me off the phone. My phone rings in 15 mins. I pick up and guess what... dr Braverman is on the phone to talk to me... i was in shock... Mind you, i am a stranger, he has never seen me before and he takes time out of his busy schedule to call me back? I could not believe any dr in NYC would do that. He talks to me and asks me to call him back when i get u/s results back. I end up talking on the phone with him 3 times on that day. I feel truly blessed that i have received such a relief where I least expected it.

I decided to transfer to dr Braverman all together. After mc, i start seeing him in the city office and what a difference he is from that other well known dr! Just the level of care, attention and patience to answer all the stupid questions i come up with! I never felt ridiculed for asking even the most obvious questions, he was always available on blackberry and i got all support i could have ever dreamt of. With dr Braverman's help, i got pregnant again pretty soon. I had a severe immune response early in the pregnancy, but dr Braverman was amazing at advising us what to do and when to do it. We had to do IVIG infusions to try to calm down my immune system and it worked. dr Braverman followed up on test results very diligently, even called me once on Fri eve at around 11pm to discuss next step. Dr Braverman encouraged me during early weeks, provided emotional support, saw me each week for u/s and and answered multiple questions. Thank God that pregnancy stuck and I now have a beautiful 2 week old son.

I can write books about dr Braverman, but i will never be able to fully communicate how grateful I am and how blessed I feel to have received his help.

I also wanted to say that during pregnancy, I kept e-mailing dr Braverman with questions, and he always answered in detail, even though I was not even his patient anymore, and there was no financial interest for him to even keep in touch with me anymore. This is how excellent physician and amazing human being is defined in my book, and dr Braverman is certainly one of a kind! Thank you dr Braverman for helping me become a mother and experience the greatest joy of all! May God bless you and your family and help you in your future endeavours!