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Reply Dr. Braverman is our hero Posted on: Sep 30, 2011 at 9:58pm
My husband and I have been struggling to conceive our first child for 4 years. After 2 years and 9 IUIs- both with clomid, injectables and weekly acupuncture, I was diagnosed by my Rhode Island doctors with unexplained secondary infertility. I was told that IVF would be the next step. My husband and I worked and saved and had our first IvF cycle last September- which failed miserably. My protocol produced cysts and my cycle was postponed, I was on Lupron for several weeks that cycle and we produced very poor quality embryos. During this cycle we also had a traumatic transfer. Next IVF cycle started the same way with cysts and I choose to cancel that cycle and switch protocols which ended up with excellent embryos and another traumatic transfer that needed to be done under anestesia. After my third failed IVF cycle, with a transfer under anestesia, I asked my doctor about my strong family history of autoimmune disease and they said they would not test for that and that I had poor egg quality- but to keep trying?!?

I did my homework and found Dr. Braverman & THANK GOD for him. He did test for autoimmune and treated me for it and created a protocol that produced excellent quality embryos. He also ordered tests to see why I was having traumatic transfers and fixed that. It took a couple of times with Dr. B and I am estatic to announce that I am 7 weeks pregnant!!!

I have seen many doctors and specialists throughout the years but I have never met a doctor that was as passionate as Dr. B. He didn't stop until he found answers, he believed in himself and in me. He was the first doctor that said, "It's not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN." I trust him completely and feel blessed to have him as my doctor.

We were from out of state were nervous about starting a cycle long distance. It was worth the little bit of extra effort. Dr. B and his staff were reachable and in touch daily through out our cycle. At first it took some getting used to but oddly I was much more calm than past cycles.

I know I am in early pregnancy and have a ways to go, but I strongly felt the need to come to this forum and share my experience so that others who are searching for answers know that there IS HOPE with the right doctor.

I was very close to giving up and am so thankful that I didn't because of you Dr. B.
A hero is defined as a person who is admired for brave, courageous and noble qualities...YOU Dr. Braverman are our hero...


Dr. Braverman

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Dr. Jeffrey Braverman MD FACOG
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