Failed ED IVF -what next?


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Reply Posted on: Apr 25, 2014 at 4:48am
Dear Dr Braverman,I had 4 molar pregnancies before I had genetic testing and told that I had inherited a gene that meant all my pregnancies would be molar.I was advised by my consultant to have egg donation IVF.We were recommended a clinic in Prague and in January had 2 blastocysts transferred. I had some bleeding 9 days post transfer but a HCG result of 385 a few days later. Unfortunately it ended in a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks.I returned to Prague this month for a FET of my two remaining embryos. Again I bled at 9 days post FET and it was another chemical pregnancy, my HCG was only 48 11 days post transfer.My lining on both occasions was triple lined but only 7 mm. My protocol included estrogen, progesterone, 5mg prednisolone and clexane.I have been tested for the following and told all my results were normal- Anti TPO, Anti TG, Anti phospholipid screen (IgG, IgM), Anti kardiolipin (IgG, IgM)- Anti b-2-glykoprotein (IgG, IgM), Anti sperm, Anti zona pellucida, NK cells (Natural Killer) – CD56+/CD3+, Mutation Factor V – Leiden, Mutation Factor II – Prothrombin, Mutation MTHFR – 677 C/T, Mutation MTHFR – 1298 A/C. I am bllod group 0rhesus negative.I have had a hysteroscopy in November which was clear and have had no other problems and my husbands sperm sample was normal but he has had no other tests.I am 38 and my husband is 35.Do you think we were just unlucky with both our cycles or would you recommend further immune testing before another try? Do you treat European patients?thanks you for taking the time.Mrsbee

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RE: Failed ED IVF -what next? Posted on: Apr 25, 2014 at 6:57am
Yes I do treat patients in Europe and have coordinated care with the clinic in Prague on many occassions. Yes I do feel that you have not had a complete immune evalation and the answer for your issues im sure is there. (see the diagnostic testing section on our website) .
If you fill out a consult request form we will be in touch to schedule a free 10 minute chat so we can reveiw your case .
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