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Reply Failed Ivf because of egg quality Posted on: Apr 2, 2011 at 11:25pm
I am 32 years of age. In December of 2010, I learned that both of my tubes were distally blocked. I had a bilateral salpingectomy the beginning of January 2011. In Feburary, I started bc pills and Lupron 10 units for 15 days. Then I started Follistim. For the first three days, my dosage was 175iui. For the following four days, my dosage was 125iui. And for the last two days, my dosage was 75iui. On the 7th day of stimming, my estradiol level was 6,500 so that's why the RE decided to even lower the dosage more. I triggered on the 10th day. During my retieval, they retieved more than 30 eggs. I got a call the next day and only 15 made it to fertilize. On day 3, all 15 eggs were okay. I go in on day 5 for transfer and there were only 4 eggs left and the best 2 were a "B". I got a call the next day and the other 2 did not make it to freeze. I did develop OHHS after the retrieval. I gained 7 pounds in a few days. Most the the symptoms were gone by the 10th day after retrieval. My Re called to give me the bad news, Negative. He told me that the eggs were not of the best quality. Was I overstimulated? Is there anything I can take to increase the quality of my eggs? Metformin or supplements? Please help me and my husband. We do not know what to do!

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Re: Failed Ivf because of egg quality Posted on: Apr 3, 2011 at 7:09pm
With that stim and that E2 I would certainly look into PCOS and then Metformin and a new stim protocol would be the treatment. you should be prepped in you cycle for a lupron release as well so they can take you a bit furhter in the cycle without significant risk of OHSS. The Metformin if needed would improve egg quality , as you know PCOS has other components thrombophilic and immune that would need to be tested and possibly treated as well. I would be happy to help guide you workup and treatment . Call my office and Kim will arrange this for you.
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