How long to use prednisone


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Reply Posted on: Oct 13, 2013 at 10:09am
Dear Dr. Braveman,

I started taking 16 mg prednisone starting from the egg retrieval. My clinic told me to stop using it after 5 days. However this is the standard protocol. I have two failed IVFs and I am positve for ANA (1:320 speckled pattern). I see that most people in my situation use prednisone until their beta test. My doctor told me that it's up to me to use prednisone or not but she does not suggest using it. It's now 3 days past 3 day transfer and I used it up til now. My concomitant medications are: 100mg aspirin daily, crinone progesterone gel daily, estradiol 2 mg tablet twice a day.

What would be your suggestion?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards

Dr. Braverman

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RE: How long to use prednisone Posted on: Oct 22, 2013 at 7:56pm
I dont know all the details of your case so I cant give you advice directly . I will tell you that in my practice patients with a postive ANA are generally on the prednisone when we deem it necessary through at least 10 weeks for pregnancy. Im sure your clinic does not have a lot of experience using prednsione so I do understand their concern.
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