Is there hope?


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Reply Posted on: Nov 29, 2012 at 10:28am
My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 2.5 years. In Feb. 2011 I lost our first regnancy. 7 months after that loss I began seeing a RE. I have had a lap/hysteroscopy done and had removed Stage 2 Endometriosis, polyps, and had a septum reparied in Novemeber of 2011. So far intaial blood test have come back all ok for the most part. I do have 2 copies of the A mutation of MFTHR and I was barely over the limit for a Protien C definency. I was put of folguard. 2 failed IUI's and we moved forward with IVF. First cycle I was a poor and late responder. I am 29 years old. my AMH is 1.2 and my FSH was 7.9 when it was last checked back in January 2012. our 2nd try at IVF in June resulted in 10 day 5 blasts. we transferred one, and that ended in a Chemical Pregnancy. We just recently tried a FET and added a baby aspirin to the protocol. That just ended 2 weeks ago, this is the 3rd loss in a row, and the fartest I've made it in a pregnancy. They were identical twins, lost at 8 weeks after 2 strong heartbeats the last heart beats dected at 7 weeks they were both 155, however, they were measuring behind by an average of 4-5 days at each ultrasound. We had them sent for chormosomal testing and the test came back noraml. I also do have Raynauds, but have been tested negative for lupus, (that's the only auto immune that I know of that I've been tested for since I have a family memeber with it). I have talkd to my RE about this but he has always brushed it aside, I had also asked about adding heprin or lovenox to the last FET but he had said he didn't feel it was neceassry.

Do you think there is hope or that you could help? Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope I have provided enough information.

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RE: Is there hope? Posted on: Nov 29, 2012 at 10:45am
I respectfully disagree with your RE , you have many issues that need to be investigated and treated and most likely this can be done successfully . Best would be to call my office and schedule a brief chat so we can review your case and I can tell you how we can help you. The reynauds alone is a signal the immune system is very likely involved.
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