Miracles Really DO Happen!!!!


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Reply Miracles Really DO Happen!!!! Posted on: Nov 23, 2010 at 7:25pm
My journey to motherhood was a long one that started many years ago. I got married in 1991 and began trying to conceive a year later. A year after we began trying and were unsuccessful we sought help from an infertility specialist that my gynecologist had recommended. My husband and I began with IUI’s. I lost count of how many of those we did and was finally told to become more aggressive. I was the biggest chicken when it came to needles/blood etc. But I wanted a child so bad I was willing to do anything. I went through 3 failed IVF’s and on the 4th attempt got pregnant. Unfortunately, I had an ectopic pregnancy so had to have surgery to remove the embryo. I was completely devastated and my doctor was no comfort. Instead of being sympathetic to what had just happened, I was told to go to another doctor for a second opinion. Are you kidding me? He just wanted me to leave so I would not bring his statistics down. Well, I have to say that I was sort of happy to leave because I was not a person for the years that I went there. I was a number. A social security number. I would go in to have blood/sonograms and was never asked my name or spoken to about anything. I was just asked for my ss-- and got poked and prodded and sent off to await a recorded message for my instructions on what to do that evening. So off I go to my second infertility specialist, I completed my 5th IVF cycle with him and it was again unsuccessful. Then I was told about Dr. Braverman. “Just come in for a consult and if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t feel obligated to continue with him.” So I went in and fell in love. He was so down to earth. So caring. So understanding. So wonderful. I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable I felt with him right from the start. All of a sudden I felt at ease and optimistic. This could happen. My husband and I could be parents some day. He told me that I was going to be a Mom some day and I believed him. For some reason I believed everything he told us. He was just so relaxing and perfect. I was finally in the “right hands”. It did not happen right away. I went through 2 more unsuccessful IVF’s. I remember that Dr. Braverman told me “Don’t worry. We just need to find the right recipe”. One thing that Dr. Braverman did was increase my dosage of the meds. My previous doctors never changed anything. It was always the same amount of meds and no success. Dr. Braverman was not afraid to up the meds. Each time I went through a cycle I had to take meds because I never had enough eggs to cryopreserv. I always had a low amount of eggs retrieved and always put them all back. So on the 3rd attempt with Dr. Braverman, my 8th IVF total, I FINALLY got the news we were waiting for. 12 years later in 2003 we welcomed our little miracle to our family. We now have a beautiful 7 year old son! For so many years we had emptiness in our hearts and home but thanks to Dr. Braverman our little miracle has filled that void in our lives. Dr. Braverman and his nurse Sandra will always hold a special place in my heart. With their patience and knowledge of “baby making” we owe everything to them! Don’t get discouraged….don’t think twice….go to see Dr. Braverman. He is such a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person and you won’t be disappointed! Xoxo, Luanne


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Re: Miracles Really DO Happen!!!! Posted on: Dec 5, 2010 at 7:11pm
I'm glad you got your miracle,it gives some of us hope.