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Reply Miracles really do happen Posted on: Feb 9, 2011 at 1:54am
My husband and I have been experiencing unexplained infertility for 2 years. Throughout the last two years and two specialists, we tried many different treatments and went through so much testing. All we experienced were devastating losses. When our first specialist looked me in the eye and said "I'm sorry. I feel like I failed you" after my 7th miscarriage, we knew it was time to either give up or move forward. We decided to seek a 2nd opinion. After re-testing of all of my previous tests, there was no answer. That doctor discussed donor egg/donor sperm with us.. Not only was it not an option for financial reasons but I was not sure why that would be an option when we didn't have an answer why I was experiencing my losses. After more research, I asked about reproductive immunology. Neither of my doctors said they believed in it...That is when I sought out the help of Dr. Braverman. I filled out the consult section on his website and within 30 minutes, my cell phone rang. It was 11pm, during the week. I couldn't believe it. Just discussing my history on the phone with Dr. Braverman and him telling me don't give up...made me believe that there was still hope. My husband and I both agreed that it would just be a consult because we couldn't afford any more treatment and I was not emotionally stable to go through another miscarriage. Our initial consult with Dr. Braverman was so thorough and so informative. Dr. Braverman told me I would have a baby..but he couldn't guarantee no miscarriages in between. I was willing to go through any testing possible even it was just to have an answer. Dr. Braverman was really kind and was really supportive. During this whole journey, it was the first time I ever felt "calm" during all of the testing. Dr. Braverman never gave up on me even when my testing came back normal. After all testing was completed, Dr. Braverman and I discussed a treatment plan, even though there was nothing significant from my testing. Within 2 days of talking with Dr. Braverman, I got a positive pregnancy test. I was an emotional wreck. I emailed Dr. Braverman because it was almost 12am, and he called me first thing in the morning. I went in for bloodwork with the idea that Dr. Braverman could test me while I was pregnant hoping to get an answer for my losses. Dr. Braverman was so supportive and told me to take it easy and he would call me with the results. Well, when he called me and told me my HCG level was 1100, I was speechless....I had never had an initial HCG level over 169. He told me to come back on Monday for an Ultrasound. There was no panic in anything and Dr. Braverman was very supportive. Although I was on edge every minute of the day from the day I got a positive pregnancy test, Dr. Braverman was always so positive. Dr. Braverman followed me through my pregnancy until I was almost 11 weeks. He was great during each ultrasound and somehow he made me remain calm and positive each week. For the first time I saw my baby on an ultrasound. I really believe that it was Dr. Braverman's supportive approach and positivity that made this pregnancy progress. For the first time, I felt stress free. Thanks to Dr. Braverman. All of the office staff were so kind and amazing. Thank you Dr. Braverman for everything and especially for helping me achieve this miracle. Dr. Braverman is a great doctor who is true to his word! Never give up hope!