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Reply Mission Possible! Posted on: Aug 11, 2011 at 6:26pm
I just wanted to start out and say that Dr. Braverman is by far the best doctor that deals with fertility issues.
After going to see doctors at the North Shore Reproductive Center in Manhasset, N.Y., for around 2 years or so, and undergoing surgery there to remove my minimal endometriosis, as well as undergoing several IUI's and 1 fresh IVF cycle, and another frozen IVF cycle, I had completely given up hope to get pregnant. Never did I conceive with the center when going through IUI's. With the fresh IVF cycle, I had a very very very early miscarriage, and with the frozen IVF cycle, I had a slightly later early miscarriage. Doctors there kept telling me that I fall into the category of women that without help, will one day get pregnant. I was also told to relax and take a break from treatment and try to conceive on my own again. These were very painful words, since I wouldn't have gone to a doctor's office and asked for help, if I was able to conceive on my own.

I knew deep inside, that if I was conceiving with IVF, although I was having very early miscarriages, that there had to be something wrong with me and that those doctors just didn't know what kind of tests to carry out and didn't care to "think outside the box". I was told to try another IVF cycle, but hearing those words, I didn't want to try again, if nothing was going to be changed in our procedure. I also had at that point lost the trust that I had initially for the center.

I decided to go online and search through ferility issue forums that women on Long Island had started . While searching through these forums for answers, I had seen several women recommend Dr. Braverman's office and claim that he was a miracle worker. This, he truly is!!!! I decided to contact the office and set up an appointment to see him. My initial appointment with Dr. B. was great. I was able to listen to his discussion on current ferility knowledge. This, by the way, was around a half-an-hour speech; I was amazed at the words coming out of this Dr.'s mouth! Truly! I had never before encountered a doctor that would want to sit with a patient and explain so much, with so many patients that were sitting, in the waiting room, waiting to be seen. I knew right then and there that Dr. Braverman was a warm and caring doctor and wants to help all his patients achieve their dream of having a child of their own.

I underwent testing with Dr.Braverman, which showed that I had too high of a count of NK cells, in addition to a possible blood clotting issue, and treatment was started, which included intralipid transfusions. I did not have to do IVF with Dr. B. We started with an IUI treatment, and after the 1st time, I didn't get pregnant. I again felt hopeless, although I knew that I trusted Dr. B. completely. I remember receiving a call from Dr. Braverman and him telling me that he never said that it will take only one cycle of treatment to get me pregnant, and he gave me hope again, and we decided to do another round of IUI. I couldn't believe Dr. Braverman's words when he called to tell me I was "Very Pregnant" after my second round!
With Dr. Braverman's help, any couple that has fertility issues should not walk, but run, to his office! He truly is a miracle to us and he can be to you! He is the most compassionate doctor who makes himself soooooooo available! Which doctor have you seen that does that? Dr. Braverman, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!