MMC and failed implantation


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Reply Posted on: Jun 9, 2016 at 12:44am
Hi Dr. Braverman,

I've gone through 4 rounds of ivf.

1st ivf: At age 39, out of 19 fertilised eggs, I ended up with 1 normal blastocyst (array CGH day 5 testing) fresh transfer. This resulted in an ectopic with a tube removed.

2nd ivf: Age 40, out of 17 eggs collected and fertilised eggs, I ended up with 1 normal day 6 hatching blastocyst, grade 2 (arrayy CGH day 6 testing). I miscarried at around 8 weeks; slow heart detected at 7 weeks followed by no heartbeat a week later.

Blood tests discovered I had hetero MTFHR C655T. Recommended to take daily - baby aspirin (81mg) and clexane (40mg)

3rd ivf: Age 42, out of 9 eggs collected, all fertilised and I ended up with 5 normal embryos cultured to day 5 (after having day 3 PGD by Fish testing). Transferred 1 x grade A, failed to implant.

4th ivf: Age 42, transferred 2 x grade B, failed to implant.

Are there any other tests or methods that you think I should be doing? I know chances of success for my age are slim. Thank you.

I have hetero MTHFR C655T - took clexan

Dr. Braverman

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RE: MMC and failed implantation Posted on: Jun 9, 2016 at 6:24am
You havent had any of the correct workup for this. Please fill out a consult form on my website and we will schedule a free consult with me to reveiw your case in detail. You clearly have implantation issues and most likely immune etiology.
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