My gratitude is neverending!


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Reply My gratitude is neverending! Posted on: Sep 10, 2010 at 2:26pm
My story is sad and unfortunately a familiar one to many. After the uneventful birth of my son, my husband and I sat in shock as the sono tech at the 19 week visit of our second pregnancy told us- how many of you have gotten this shocking sentence delievered- "I am sorry, but I cannot find a heartbeat". The mental and emotional pain we suffered after that loss was indescribable. So, as many also do, we went on a mission to discover WHY? and saw many experts in the field who could only come up with "theories" or possible explanations- well sadly, we went on to lose 5 precious babies (all late losses) one after the next until our grief was palpable for miles away and it affected every part of our lives.
THEN, we finally met doctor Braverman who, again, did testing, but of a different sort. We learned we had several immunology issues including elevated killer cells, matching genetic profiles, etc. I thought trying to do PGD would possibly get us a high quality embryo to go forward would give us a better chance. When we did become pregnant only one month later, Dr. Braverman knew to get me RIGHT AWAY on the right medications that would support the pregnancy and inhibit any negative immune problems. Next, he sent me to the another angel, Dr. Kofinas, who expertly supervised the conituation of Dr. Bravermans protocol to protect my baby which resulted in the joyous birth of our now two year old sweet baby girl!!!
I will never forget what this doctor and his staff have done for me. They held our hands and our hearts the whole way. You are in the right hands! Good luck and God bless! Laurel


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Re: My gratitude is neverending! Posted on: Sep 20, 2010 at 5:01pm
I'm so sorry for your losses..... but how wonderful that you have a beautiful little 2 yr old girl now!! So glad Dr. B was able to help you achieve your dream!!