My Twin Success Story


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Reply My Twin Success Story Posted on: Sep 29, 2010 at 5:26pm
What can i say about Dr. Braverman.. he is simply amazing!! not only as a doctor , but a wonderful person as well. He is so caring, has a wonderful bedside manner and really cares about his patients.

My Story goes like this.. my name is Deanna, i am 32 years old, got married in 07 and now have 5 month old twin boys!

My journey started out by getting pregnant on my own shortly after my wedding. i was so happy, thinking everything was fine, and ready to have my baby. Well that all came crashing down on me when i had lost my angel at 16 Weeks. It was the worst day of my life, losing that miracle that was growing inside of me.
i woke up from my sleep at night with my water breaking , then bleeding heavily, onto labor and giving birth to my angel.
I will never forget that devestating day, it still traumatizes me to this day.
especially with my OB at the time telling me it was a "fluke" and "it just happens"
i never had gotten answers to that loss.

Onto my new OB , i started TTC again a few months after my loss.
My new OB had said he thinks i have incompetent cervix so he would do a cerclage (cervical stitch) so i was so happy that this was most likely the reason. .
I had gotten pregnant again 6 months later , was estatic!! this is it, i will have my baby this time!
but no, the next day after my positive i started bleeding. it was confirmed that i had a Chemical pregnancy.
i was so confused as to why this is happening to me!! why me! something is just not right!!

so i took it upon myself to go to the next step. regardless if my OB doesn't think i need to see a RE.
and i am sure glad i did. it was the best move i made! being proactive is the key to success!! follow your heart! you know your body more than anyone!

I then went to see Dr. Braverman, i will never forget that first consult i had with him.
i walked in there that day thinking that i will still never find any answers to my losses and not really optomistic at all. However, after the first 5 minutes of conversing, i adored Dr. Braverman. He stayed with my husband and I for well over an hour. just talking about all the possibilites. and the thought that he actually wanted to help us was so heart warming. when dealing with recurrent losses , you want the best possible care, and that is something that Dr. Braverman will give you!! no doubt!

We went on to have many tests taken, blood drawn.. the WORKS!!
he then found something.. i had thrombophilia (blood clotting) so when i do become pregnant again i would get the cerclage incase it was IC AND give myself injections for the blood clotting. .
so we went onto the getting pregnant part!!

I did 3 IUI's and were unsuccessful , because i didnt really have a problem getting pregnant, i was so confused as to why this wasn't working. i still was confident though that it will work eventually.
but then there came a point in time where we thought IVF would be the next best thing.
so thats what we did .

in Aug 09 we started the IVF process. It wasn't nearly as half as bad as i thought, and having Dr. Braverman and his staff , they made it even easier!! its such a stressful time, and they really were so great with me during the whole process.

The IVF attempt worked the 1st time! after hearing Dr. Braverman saying to me on the phone "you are going to be a mommy" i was instantly in tears. now that day i will never forget!! he changed my life forever! i just knew that this was going to be it. he will do everything in his power to keep these babies safe!
i went in for my first sonogram and he saw 2 sacs.. my heart was just melting!! it took alot for me not to cry.. he did it, he really did it!!
i then went on to have my 2 boys in April 2010.

Dr. Braverman is the most caring doctor out there. I really can't say enough about him, i already had a bunch of family and friends see him and was happy they did as well !!
He would always answer any emails , phone calls.. concerns.. you name it!!
he even called me on a holiday , i couldnt believe it!! no doctor does this.. i was blown away by the kindness. i remember he would always touch base with me during my whole pregnancy after i "gradutated" all the way to the end, then i called his office to tell them i had my boys!! they were so happy for me!!
i miss him dearly and always think of him. i am tearing up just thinking about it!

i am forever grateful , thank you always Dr. B.
Love Deanna