Natural Pregnancy After 5 Failed IVF Cycles


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Reply Natural Pregnancy After 5 Failed IVF Cycles Posted on: Aug 13, 2011 at 1:16pm
I've been singing the praises of Dr Braverman for many, many months now but have only now gotten around to writing this post.

A brief history...I am now 36 and have a healthy beautiful baby boy who is 4.5 months old that was conceived naturally...still a difficult concept to wrap my mind around. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 6 years without success when we turning towards IUI/IVF. Due to an ectopic pregnancy we were pushed forward toward IVF. We did 5 cycles (1 chemical pregnancy, the remainder all negative) with a total of 4 different REs. With all the cycles we were told that egg quality was probably the issue and that nothing could be done to change it and our only option was to keep trying but the odds were looking slim and each RE provided cookie cutter treatments and I knew we needed someone to look outside the box for us.

My research into infertility treatments became consuming and the only way I survived was from the support of anonymous women on infertility forums who were struggling as well. I came across one woman who told me about reproductive immunology and that about Dr Braverman. I must admit that I consulted many offices to gather as much information as I could about it since none of my local REs believed in NK cells and all that surround the concept of reproductive immunology. They did agree to test me but didn't know what to do with the results and didn't feel comfortable with treatments.

I finally contacted Dr Braverman by phone...we live in different states and decided to run many tests once again. The results showed that I was having an elevated immune response and that could be a reason why I was not getting pregnant all along. Egg quality was still a concern, but my body fighting pregnancy could be a big reason as well.

Now, with IVF coverage reaching its limit for me, I decided to pull out all the stops...I was going to make all the changes I researched...the plan was to cycle at a new clinic out of state and have Dr Braverman treat me for the immune issues during my cycle. To my amazement, I found myself to be be pregnant 3 days before I was to fly out for my 6th IVF cycle! As soon as I found out, I called Dr Braverman and we started the immune meds without having ever met. All of our correspondences have been via phone and email to this day and yet I feel better cared for by Dr Braverman than by any RE I have met in person! He is compassionate and understanding of how emotionally trying infertility is and I cannot emphasize how valuable this has been for me throughout my pregnancy. Dr Braverman answered my most simple questions and always put my mind at ease. I cannot recommend him enough. He is truly an expert in his his field and I am grateful to him every day when I look and see my miracle baby!

Please don't delay in contacting Dr Braverman. You don't need to live in NY or even cycle there to work with him. Dr Braverman worked with my local OB in order to provide me with all the care that I needed.

In the 3 months prior to my natural pregnancy, I made a lot of changes...medications (thyroid trial), supplements, mental health, yoga, removal of gluten and dairy. I cannot say for sure what made the difference...if it was one thing or all of them together...but I do believe that it was Dr Braverman's treatments after the pregnancy was detected that allowed for me to sustain the pregnancy.

I am truly grateful!!!


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Re: Natural Pregnancy After 5 Failed IVF Cycles Posted on: Dec 7, 2011 at 3:51am
Congratulations!!! It is encouraging to hear your story. I am also planning to consult Dr. Braverman soon from out of state. I beleive he will have the answer for my miscarriages.