Neupogen with IVIG?


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Reply Neupogen with IVIG? Posted on: Jul 14, 2011 at 11:13pm
Dr. Braverman
I just recently had my 5th loss. In addition to the usual meds used for IVF I was also on Dexamethasone, Lovenox, monthly IvIg, and baby aspirin. I have also had RPL blood work (Nk, APA, ATA, ANA, etc.) and everything has come back normal. I have no Endo and no PCOS. The only thing that we can find is that my antiphospholipid IgG is high and my DHEA is 37. With this last IVF I produced 17 eggs of which only 2 were CGH normal and 1 made it to day 5...and I am only 30. This cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy. My lining is always on the thin side (7.6 with this last cycle) so we are thinking that I have an implantation issue. 3 of my losses were prior to 6 weeks and 2 were at 9 weeks having a heartbeat. For this next cycle my RE has suggested using Neupogen. I am located in Upstate NY so I found you as my RE has worked with you in the past with a few patients. My question is the use of Neupogen with IvIg. Can they be used together? Also, my RE is switching me from 0.5 of Dexametheasone to 15 or 20mg of Prednisone. Are all of these meds okay together?

I appreciate your time and I am looking forward to your response.

Dr. Braverman

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Re: Neupogen with IVIG? Posted on: Jul 15, 2011 at 10:00pm
Hi Krystin

I would have to see your immune panel to answer that questions. As IVIG causes the release of neupogen in the body it might be redundant to use both. Unless there is evidence of a blocking antibody issue as welll. To date I have not had to mix them both.
which RE are you working with in upstate NY? best would be to email me at [email protected]
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