No Words to Express Gratitude! (With Pictures)


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Reply No Words to Express Gratitude! (With Pictures) Posted on: Oct 4, 2010 at 2:30am
After two failed IUIs and one failed IVF with PGD at a reputable LI fertility clinic, I sought the help of Dr. Braverman and his staff. I was frustrated by my previous clinic's inability to explain why I was not getting pregnant; I couldn't help but believe that my diagnosis of unexplained infertility was the result of poor diagnostic testing rather than a true inability to determine the cause.

Dr. Braverman immediately began extensive testing on my husband and me. He uncovered blood clotting issues and Natural Killer cells in me. But more importantly, he found that my husband had a balanced translocation. Even the genetic counselor could not believe that Dr. Braverman discovered this as we had never had a miscarriage. (Miscarriages are typically the clue that a BT is involved.) Finally, we knew the reason for our infertility! I quickly began my first IVF cycle with Dr. Braverman and two weeks later I learned that I was pregnant! I sometimes wonder how many months (or years) of agony I would have suffered if I remained under the care of my previous infertility doctor who was considered one of Long Island's best.

Besides being an excellent doctor who is on the cutting edge of the latest infertility research, Dr. Braverman is an amazing person. He goes beyond what is expected by providing a level of personal care that other doctors just fail to do. He performs every sonogram, responds almost immediately to emails, and even opens his office on off-hours for emergencies. I truly cannot say enough about the level of care you receive as his patient. This is a stark contrast to the factory-like setting that you find at most other clinics.

I need to also add that your relationship with Dr. Braverman does not end once you get pregnant. Dr. Braverman serves as a conduit to your perinatologist and obstetrician. In my case, I am certain that it was Dr. Braverman's recommendation to see Dr. Kofinas which ensured that I had a healthy pregnancy and baby. Dr. Braverman's ability to make excellent and appropriate referrals is essential as it is not enough to get pregnant; pregnant women need to stay pregnant and deliver healthy, full-term babies!

It has been six months since baby Ellamarie has been delivered. Not a day goes by that I do not think about the amazing care I received from Dr. Braverman and his staff. Truly no words can express the gratitude I have for my daughter. [attachment=2]bestelle.jpg[/attachment]