One healthy child, 3 consecutive miscarriages


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Reply Posted on: Nov 6, 2014 at 9:15am

My husband and I are 30 (me) and 32 (him.) We have one healthy 3 year old son. I had many health problems prior to my sons birth that went undiagnosed - joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, neurological problems, heart problems etc. I had many many tests run and only had mild thyroid disfunction, equivocal ANA (1:40) and a slightly low C3. Doctors thought Lupus, but all tests were negative even when repeated. Finally I was diagnosed by an endocrinologist with Hashimotos via ultrasound. My TPO and TgAB antibodies were not positive but my thyroid was very inflamed. Doctors said there was no way my thyroid could cause all the symptoms I had. But after two weeks on Synthroid and liothyronine, I became well again. I have no family history of autoimmune disease but my grandmother did have a massive stroke at age 30 which is obviously unusual. Here's my brief history:

-son born June 2011
**Chemical pregnancy Sept 2012
-2011-2013 unexplained autoimmune-like symptoms
-July 2013 dx Hashimots via ultrasound, TPO antibodies 11, TgAB

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Please fill out a consult form from our website, we will schedule a free 10 minute chat , there is a lot here that we need to reveiw and Im certian you will need our services.
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