Our "Double Rainbow"


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Reply Posted on: Jul 6, 2013 at 4:49pm
On December 27th, 2011 I came here to share the story of "Our Neupogen Baby & Sweet Success Story": the story of our RPL & first Neupogen baby, thanks to the blessing of Dr. Braverman in our life. That was our sweet miracle boy who came on the heels of 6 back to back miscarriages. (We had had one other miscarriage and one other live birth prior to those as well.)

Six months later, we began my Neupogen protocol again and conceived: just barely more than 14 months after our first Neupogen baby was born, we welcomed our second Neupogen baby into our arms. This time, a girl. A sweet 6 pound angel who now fills our life with double joy.

These two little Neupogen miracles 14 months apart, our double rainbow, are a constant source of blessing and happiness for our family. Once again, we have reaped the goodness from Dr. Braverman's expertise, dedication, and kindness. We again bow our knees in thanks to God for His gift of such a merciful, talented doctor, and medications that have brought success to our story & life to my womb.

Our second Neupogen baby is now 5 months old, a beautiful and smiley and cuddly little girl (who we hope will be a big sister someday soon, too). Our hope continues to be renewed and refreshed. We are so thankful for this double rainbow that followed our long, dark, stormy road.Miracles don't always happen... but they CAN.

Thank you, Dr. B. You are still (besides my dad, of course) one of our greatest heroes. My hubby & I can't wait to bring our kids to meet you someday.