Out of state IVF/PGD success!


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Reply Posted on: May 3, 2014 at 8:15am
My fertility journey is a little different than most because my husband and I chose to do IVF with PGD to prevent passing along a genetic condition. At 30, my husband and I went to a local clinic and after testing was told by the Dr we were young and healty and could conceive on our own within a year. We did two IVF with PGD cycles with 5 day transfers of excellent quality blasts. Both failed and I was devastated. The same Dr who told me we were fertile couldn't explain why the cycles didn't work and had no suggestions about what to change or do to make it work the next time. She said to keep trying and sometimes it takes several tries. That answer didn't sit well with me because I believe things can be explained with research and experience. I also didn't have the time, money or emotional energy to keep trying the same thing at the same "cookie cutter" clinic with no results.

On the day I found out my second cycle failed I contacted Dr Braverman via his website. He personally called me that afternoon and we talked about my failed cycles. He gave me 3 reasons why he thought they may have failed. He gave me HOPE. About a month later, my husband and I met with Dr B at his office. He went over all of my records and ordered lots of bloodwork. He discovered I was borderline insulin resistant (which was a total shock because I was 106lbs pre pregnancy and fit and active) and had a slight hypothyroid. He treated both of these with medication and got them under control before I started my cycle with him. He also had a new protocol for me which included immune medications.

I live out of state and have a 3 hour commute but it was well worth it to see Dr B! He also does skype and phone consults so that was great when an office visit wasnt necessary and we just needed to go over results. He was also available via email, which put my mind at ease. I probably drove him crazy with all of my stupid questions... but he always got back to me, usually within the day, sometimes within the hour! His nurses and office staff are also wonderful, Sandra, Linda and Judy were always available to answer my questions and concerns. Everyone who works there was great!

I did my first retrieval in June with a frozen transfer in August. Nine days later Dr B personally called me with the good news that I was pregnant! I had a relatively easy pregnancy and was told I was "the happiest pregnant lady ever." 14 months after my first phone call from Dr. B, I delivered my healthy baby girl. I am now a mother, thanks to Dr. Braverman. I plan on seeing him again soon for baby #2. I would recommend him to anyone going through fertility treatments and wish I went to him first. Why waste time anywhere else?