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This success story is long overdue. My son is 2 1/2 months old an I am busy spending my days falling in love with him. My son's name is Alexander but when I look at him, I think Jeffrey because it was Dr. Jeffrey Braverman that gave us this ultimate gift.

When I started this journey to conceive my second child, I didn't expect that it was going to consume half a decade of my life. I had multiple failed fertility treatments in Rhode Island and was told that I was old, that my eggs were old and that I had unexplained secondary infertility. None of these explanations sat well with me. I didn't feel old and I thought as long as I had eggs, I had a chance to conceive. I also didn't accept "unexplained". I believe that you can explain things in time, with effort and expertise. I knew I needed to find a doctor who believed in me and one that was willing to accept challenges. That search led me to Long island, N.Y. and to Dr. Braverman.

Our first consultation was by phone. We spoke to Dr. Braverman for over 15 minutes and never felt rushed. He answered all of our initial questions. We decided to travel to N.Y. to meed with him to further discuss and develop our plan. We knew cycling from out of state would be a little more expensive, however we were excited to finally work with a doctor that was willing to find answers for us. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments already and knew that cycling from out of state would be a little more expensive but we realized that it was a smarter way to spend our money. We could continue to cycle in R.I. and spend less money but would need to do more and more treatments. Treatment centers in R.I., in our experience, had a cookie cutter approach to treating fertility and while that may work for many, it wasn't working for us.

At first, I had some anxiety about cycling from another state, but it was not difficult at all. I was in constant contact with Dr. Braverman and his staff and my husband and I actually enjoyed the travelling to N.Y. for the retrieval and transfer. These trips removed us from our busy lives and allowed us to be a little more relaxed during the proceedures and I am sure that contributed to our success.

Our first cycle with Dr. Braverman resulted in a chemical preggnacy, this was the closest we had come to success in our efforts to conceive. I also had embryos to freeze...first time ever. Dr. Braverman learned a lot about us that cycle and had a plan to move forward. We immediately decided we wanted to try again and were shocked when Dr. Braverman called us personally to tell us we were pregnant! I remained in contact with him throughout my pregnancy and he was always willing to answer my questions. He is an amazing doctor and I would travel anywhere to access his services.

We would love to be able to give Alex a brother or sister someday and I have all the confidence in the world that if it is meant to be, Dr. Braverman will deliever!


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RE: Out of State IVF Posted on: Aug 9, 2012 at 6:02pm

Congratulations on your little miracle, I hope and pray I can begin to fall in love with another baby of my own as well...you are so incredibly blessed to be able to share your story.

I am responding to your story because it certainly pertains to our situation right now as it is pretty similar. I just spoke with Dr. Braverman and found out that I would have to travel to NY to do another IVF with him. I logged on to his discussion forum and the first thing I see is your story! Thank you...I need all the encouragemnt I can get right now.

I have been a patient for about a year but have never seen Dr. Bravermna in person, I was feeling so overwhelmed about traveling there from Ohio but your story has calmed me a bit. I know I absolutely NEED Dr. Braverman and value him so much it's just a lot to think about...especially with a 4 yr old here at home.

If you would be willing to share your experience a bit more I would be so appreciative...expenses, where did you stay, how long did you stay, etc...If so, I'd be happy to forward you my email address.

Again, congratulations...I am so very happy for anyone who has success after going through all this and it certainly gives me hope! Thank you!



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RE: Out of State IVF Posted on: Feb 8, 2013 at 1:01pm
I love your story and am so glad you found Dr. Braverman. Thank you for sharing it! I live in RI as well and have undergone two unsuccessful rounds of IVF with quality day 5 blastocysts. My Dr could not give me a reason for my failures, just to keep trying because the more we try we'll eventually get pregnant. The problem is, I don't have unlimited time, $ or energy to undergo several rounds of IVF with PGD while working full time. I thought getting pregnant would be easy for me since I'm only doing IVF with PGD to prevent passing along a birth defect and have no known fertility issues. After recently finding out my second cycle failed, I am so happy to have discovered Dr. Braverman. I hope that he can help discover why these past cycles failed and I can be as lucky as you are!


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Dear Hoping For Twins,

I truly have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Braverman. He is extremely bright and dedicated. Good luck, I can't wait to hear all about your babies!!!