POF. Is there such a thing?


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Reply POF. Is there such a thing? Posted on: Mar 11, 2011 at 11:38pm
I believe there could be BUT, I also have hashimotos dz.
I am now in the stages of increasing my medication. Will this help in egg production? I was told that I have diminished egg reserve. But I was also told that if my thryoid meds were increased my period cycles would be back to normal & things will improve towards being able to get pregnant. Both these things were told to me by doctors.
Will this help? Is there any way they can harvest an egg from me with this diagnosis? Is there any treatment to increase my egg reserve or "find" (lack of a better term)my eggs or do I really not have any eggs? I am now 40 & have been trying to get this straightened out for 2yrs.

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Re: POF. Is there such a thing? Posted on: Mar 12, 2011 at 3:27am
there is an association between autoimmune thryoid disease and POF. You should be screened for anti ovarian as well as anti adrenal antiobodies. The manner in which you stimulate your ovaries and pre cycle treatments will depend on the presence of auto antibodies.
I would be happy to help giude you in the workup and management of your problem. Feel free to call my office and schedule a consultation.
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