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Reply signaling receptors Posted on: Jun 11, 2011 at 12:55pm
Hi Dr. Braverman-I am one of your patients-Just wondering if you can talk more on your forum about this subject.

Have you ever come across anyone who has had a child, does not have tissue matching issues with husband, and the body decides after a first child that it does not wanbt to signal or develop receptors like KIR, or jsut not do the signaling anymore and not show any symptoms that it has decided not to signal. If signaling does not take place, will the body show some signs of faulty communcation-for example when the immune attacks a baby it raises difffernt levels that you can see from a panel of tests. Can there be situations where receptors would not develop, signaling wouldn't take place and the body would just stay calm with no levels raised-almost like it did not accept or reject a baby even though the person had a frst child naturally but with some complications or does the body usually show something is off kilter. Complicated issue but I wanted to know if this occurs or would the body/some test you have show something is off track. If therre are no receptors like KIR is there anything that can be done treatment wise or is science not that far ahead or are their just some bodies that will not recognize a a baby present and make the necessary receptors proteins and the person just needs a surrogate to carry.

For NK cells to react correctly to molecules made by the trophoblast and start the process of immune tolerance other important receptors must be on the surface of these NK and T cells, one important one is call PD1 which stands for programmed death, when the T or NK cells have this receptor on their surface and bind with the correct molecule from the embryo the T or NK cell destroys itself. Another receptor is called KIR (Killer inhibitory receptor) when the HLA C molecule from the embryo binds to a KIR it “inhibits” the action of the Natural Killer cell. Again the failure to make these receptors is another reason why immune tolerance might fail, and once again an environment that is inflammatory i.e. TH1 cytokine dominant can lead to failure to make these receptors and therefore failure to properly turn off these attacking cells.

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Re: signaling receptors Posted on: Jun 13, 2011 at 4:10am
The problem is that you cant oversimplify the process with a defect in just one area. You would however expect a rise in TH1 cytokines and the TH1/TH2 ratio may fail to normalize, you could also see increased number of activated T cells. when one switch in the process fails to turn off other switches get turned on in the attacking arm and elevations in any of these cells or cytokines would be expected. again most of these situations should be correctable with treatment and it is the rare patient that ends up needing a surrogate.
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thanks for your answer