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Reply Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Posted on: Jul 16, 2011 at 7:03am
My Husband and I were married for a couple of years, and still had no sign of pregnancy. So we went to a very big name well known fertility group in Manhattan. We knew they were the best, or so we were told. After being guaranteed that I would be pregnant quickly, and then it started like cattle we were herded through the process. Get up early in the morning take a train to the city, get to the office where people had started a line a half hour before the doors of the company opened. We were herded in signed are names and one by one was poked for blood, then shuffled to a room undressed from the bottom down here is a paper cloth someone will be with shortly. After 20 minutes of waiting anxiously a doctor comes in, invades you and they are out the door. Don't forget after you get dressed you have to pay. In the end we did IUI, no success, then we did IVF, no success, then ICSI. Still no success, then still praying for children we tried again, and this time I noticed the orders the nurse gave me were different then in the past sessions, so the next day called the Doctor, found out oops that was a mistake just change the dosage. I was concerned and said could this effect the process, when the MD responded "It was a long shot anyway." I was angry, shocked, wanted to cry, here I was mid cycle of meds what should I do? We completed the cycle and no pregancy. I refused to do this again.
I went to the internet and did heavy investigation for 6 months. I finally found Dr Braverman, he actually sat on the phone with me for 45minutes before even an office visit, no fees nothing. Nothing but compassion and sincerity. I told my husand we have to try one more time, I have a good feeling about this doctor, he is different.
We went to his office, and there were 3 people in the waiting room, the office staff was friendly and new my name. Dr Braverman sat with us, read over all the medical records from the previous doctors, and quickly felt he knew what they were doing wrong, and what he could do to be successful, he was confident, with passion.
We proceeded. For every office visit there were staff who knew me, knew my story, wanted me to get pregnant as much as I did. Well we went throught the ICSI, to be honest afterwards inside I was 50/50. I waited the time frame, went in for my test and waited for the dreaded call, not this time.

Well we had a snow storm that December morning, and my husband was at work so I went outside to clear the walkway so the mailman could get up the steps safely. Almost done and the phone is ringing... should I go inside and answer it drag the snow in the house ... ugh. Well I did, and it was Dr Braverman. (I knew it was bad, a doctor only calls if it is bad)
Dr Braverman "What are you doing, are you sitting?" I knew what was coming, so I had an attitude, "Its snowing outside, we have a blizzard, I'm shoveling snow"
Dr Braverman stated "well you need to promise me something, you need to stop, you are pregnant!"
"are you kidding? are you sure? Is this one of those false pregnancies that had happened to me before?"
Dr Braverman " You are pregnant the numbers look great, we can't make promises, and we have to watch the numbers to be sure the cells double and increase, but you are pregnant"

I was shocked, delighted, first time ever had a loss for words. Called my husband, and he came home early and did the snow removal.
A few ultra sounds later, we found out we were pregnant with twins. Dr Braverman assisted me with finding the best MD to follow me through the rest of my pregnancy, and even called him personally.

Today I am proud mother of boy/girl twins that will be 2 years old next month.
And I plan to visit Dr Braverman again to see if he can help us expand our family again. Thank you Dr Braverman.