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Reply unexplained symptoms after first natural pregnancy Posted on: Aug 20, 2011 at 11:16pm
Hi Dr Braverman!

I am 36 years old and had a natural pregnancy (first try) in 2007 with no complications and resulted with a healthy little girl! During my pregnancy my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had a testical removed along with some radiation. He now has a low sperm count. Three months after my pregnancy I had my gallbladder removed and a few months after that I began feeling lightheaded a constant feeling as if I were on a boat (swaying feeling). I had several brain MRI's done which were all negative. A year after I developed more symptoms such as some weak or shaky muscles, general fatigue, migraines becoming more often (every other week), some joint pain ect. which still continue. In December of 2008 I got pregnant again which resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks at the same time I had a two week flair of ulcerative colitis which was diagnosed at this time. Since then I have not gotten pregnant. I went to an RE and so far have had 2 IVF procedures done. This past June was the first. I only made it to the retrieval only to find there were no eggs to retrieve. The doctor put me on Lovenox and asprin for the next cycle. My second IVF cycle was at the end of July. I had 3 eggs that fertilized and had a 3dt. Two were grade A and one Grage B. My first HCG level was 18 and 48 hours later was 20. Then 72 hours after that I had a total negative test. I revistied a rheumatologist and neurologist between the IVF procedures and only found that my ANA which was negative for 3 years was now positive 1:40, but they say it isn't high enough to diagnose anything. Do you think there is any hope for me to have one more child? Do you think that these undiagnosed symptoms are my problem? I am planning on making a visit to you if you think I qualify.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Dr. Braverman

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Re: unexplained symptoms after first natural pregnancy Posted on: Aug 21, 2011 at 1:44pm
Althought the ANA is not high enough to diagnose an autoimmune syndrome , just the fact that it is positive and with your clinical history there is a good probability that the ANA is a significant finding and you should have a full evaluation with a recurrent pregnancy loss immune profile. The loss of control that allows the ANA to become positive shows that the mechanism that is necessary for the embryo to create immune tolerance may be defective and playing a part in your difficulty to successfully concieve. i would be happy to help you and this is a very treatable situation.
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