Uterine & Vaginal Infections

Undiagnosed Infections Can Cause Recurring Pregnancy Loss

Infections within the uterus or vagina can be responsible for pregnancy losses and when these remain undiagnosed, can result in recurrent miscarriages. Chronic infection of the uterine cavity, known as endometritis, is one of the main conditions which can cause this. The bacteria present can release toxins or chemicals which cause the immune system to respond and potentially attack the embryo directly. As endometritis has no symptoms besides possibly heavy menses, most patients who suffer from it are unaware of this fact. It can be detected with a simple biopsy and if confirmed to be present, can usually be resolved with oral antibiotics.

Various bacterial infections of the vaginal canal can lead to second trimester losses, although rarely first trimester losses. If patients have a history of miscarriage during the second trimester, vaginal infections should be investigated as a possible cause. In general, viruses and bacteria prompt the immune system to attack and when these are present in the reproductive area they can result in the destruction of the embryo or a failure to conceive altogether. Treatment with antibiotics can greatly increase the success of the primary treatment being used to address a patient's fertility issues.

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