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Hi Dr. Braverman,

I hope I haven't posted this question before and if I have, I apologize. I have some short term memory issues due to a stroke I suffered two and a half years ago (caused by HELLP Syndrome when my DD was born.)

My story:

I started TTC when I was 35, achieved pg after one year but at the first u/s discovered there was no h/b. I went on to conceive two more times naturally (age 38 and 41) and with these pregnancies had two good u/s with h/b only to discover at the third u/s no h/b.

I was told (age 41) to move on to DE IVF. I looked for a donor and went on b/c pills to avoid another "accidental" natural conception but I couldn't shake the feeling that something else must be causing my losses. I consulted a therapist to help me deal with my grief and she referred me to Dr. Matzner (now retired) who recommended a long list of expensive tests that weren't covered by insurance so I took his list to the RE in whose care I'd lost the last two pregnancies and asked him what tests on the list I should have run. He recommended getting me tested for APA, ANA and NK Count. I came up positive for APA with elevated NK Count. He put me on low dose prednisone and tetested the NK activity which came back (he said) within acceptable limits. Based on these results he told me that if I conceived again I should inject lovenox daily to treat the APA and to treat the NK Count I should ingest low dose prednisone daily during the first trimester.

So with my DE IVF achieved pg (age 44 after two prior attempts at DE had to be cancelled prior to retrieval due to problems with the donors' health histories and/or response to stims) I did both.

I had an easy, uneventful pregnancy and then my OB instructed me to cease lovenox. Two days later I came down with the worst class of HELLP Syndrom (an extreme form of eclampsia) that ruptured my liver, gave me a stroke and put me in a month long coma. I spent the first six months in hospitals and due to the brain injury will never get back any memories from the first three months of my daughter's life. However, I consider myself blessed since I've made an excellent recovery and my care (which cost more than $2 million) was fully paid for by my dual (union provided) health insurance.

However, I do have persistent joint pain (asymmetrical bilateral) stiffness and inflammation in various joints---I'm wondering what tests I should have run and what treatments I ought to consider to help ameliorate some of these symptoms or treat the underlying cause(es).

Thanks ahead of time for any input.


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Hi Lisa , yes I did answer this before, it is best if you contact me for a consult so I can discuss your case in detail. You must do this before thinking about getting pregnanct.
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