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Reply Why is Dr. B so awesome? Here's why... Posted on: Sep 9, 2010 at 1:56am
So, where shall I begin to share with you how wonderful Dr. Braverman is. Okay, I guess I'll start at the beginning!

I got married in November of 2003. I had just turned 30, had just taken off a semester of school where I was completeing my MBA, and life was good. I decided I wanted to finish school before I started to try to conceive. I was going to be graduating in December of 2004, so I figured I'd start trying in the summer of 2004. I didn't have any real reason to believe that I would have infertility issues. I did have longer cycles and my mom had lost several pregnancies and had a baby that passed of water on the brain. So I tried to conceive for 5 months and got pregnant! We were going on our merry way through the pregnancy and then along came the level II. I had to go back a few times because they just couldn't see my baby's heart. Finally I was scheduled for an fetal echocardiogram, not because they thought anything was wrong, but because the sono techs just couldn't get good views. When I go on this visit, the fetal cardiologist sits us down. They tell us that our son has something called truncus arteriosis. The main artery never separates into the aeorta and the pulmonary artery to form the two great arteries of your heart. All along they are telling us that our son will have surgery once he's born. Along with this heart condition comes some genetic problems, sometimes. So they take blood samples from my husband me to to check our chromosomes, along with doing an amnio on my unborn son. Turns out that I have a genetic problem with my chromosomes called a balanced translocation. This means that a piece of two of my chromosomes, 17 and 19, break off and switch places, but no genetic matter is lost. Turns out my unborn son as the same thing, not causing the heart condition. Just luck, right? My mom was tested and it turns she has the translocation as well, and this was probably the reasons for the losses she had, plus her baby that died.

At 36 weeks I go into labor. They decide at that point that my son was inoperable. I am in labor for 36 hours and my son dies during it. Devastating cannot even describe how I felt. So, I want to try again to have another baby several months later. I try and try. Nothing. I realize I'm not getting pregnant I *think* because of this balanced translocation. I decide I'm going to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I start going and doing IUIs with one particular doctor. He was highly recommended by my OB/GYN. He was a disaster. He missed my ovulation on more than one occasion. After several IUIs with this doctor, I decide I'm doing IVF. I also decide to move on to another doctor. I went to a large clinic in the LI area. I try my first IVF with PGD, which is actually testing the embryos for my translocation. I had one embryo that did not have the translocation but it wasn't a strong embryo either. I had a chemical with that cycle. Did another IVF cycle with PGD. No good embryos. Now I can't afford to do PGD anymore and decide to do IUIs again. I did 12 IUIs and 2 IVF cycles all told. I got pregnant and had chemicals and miscarriages (and subsequently 2 D&Cs) about 10 times. I ask my doctor at this clinic, can I keep doing IUIs? He basically said my efforts were futile, that it's not going to work, but if I wanted to continue, he was fine with it.

Ummm, what??? My doctor doesn't believe he can get me pregnant? Time to move on. I belong to this family message board. A friend on the board told me about Dr. Braverman. I make my appointment. This is December 2008. Mind you, at this point, I'm totally defeated.

I walk in to see Dr. Braverman and immediately I'm surprised by his friendliness. Every single infertility specialist I'd seen had absolutely no personality. So, we start to talk. I tell him my entire story. He is shocked by the size of my chart and the story I'm telling him. He is understanding and empathetic. He says to me, I really, sincerely doubt that all of your losses are due to your translocation. He tells me he WILL get me pregnant and get me a baby, and sends me for loads of tests. For the first time in years I leave that office full of hope. I'm scared, but still full of hope. After I take these tests, a few major things turn up. I have elevated natural killer cells. I have thrombophilia issues. All kinds of special stuff going on there. Everything going against me.

Dr. B puts me on birth control pills. My IVF cycle begins on February 5, 2009. Already things are different. He's stimming me differently. He tailored my plan. He didn't just give me the cookie cutter approach that my clinic I was going to before had done. He watched me like a hawk. He gets 25 eggs, where I'd always gotten around 12. 18 fertilize. 6 make it to day 5. We transfer 3.

I'm pregnant. Yeah, right, big deal. I've been pregnant a million times before. Sono time. Twins. Heartbeats. Wow! Really?? So...on we go. I make it to 8 weeks. A place I'd only been twice before. Dr. B releases me to Dr. Kofinas, a perinatologist. Dr. B continues to follow my case. Lots of trials and tribulations. All along I'm emailing Dr. B. Bed rest, cerclages, I lost a twin. But Dr. B is constantly talking to Dr. Kofinas, and my OB. Always there for me. Always explaining what is happening to me in layman's terms I can understand. I give birth 5 weeks early to my son. He's in NICU. Dr. B wants me to call him. He calms me down, like he did before I was even pregnant, like he did throughout my entire pregnancy. As usual he tells me everything is going to be alright. And as usual, he's right. My beautiful baby boy is here. Healthy, happy and nearly 11 months old. One shot with Dr. Braverman. Right out of the gate. He gave me the greatest gift of my life, and he has no idea just how much that means to me, and how special he will always remain to me. Never before, and probably never again, will I encounter a kinder, more caring physician than Dr. Braverman.

If you have recurrent pregnancy loss or immune issues, run, do not walk, to Dr. Braverman's office. I promise you, you will not be sorry.

If you've made it to the end of this and feel like my story is similar to yours, or you have questions, feel free to ask Dr. Braverman's office for my number. I've been in your shoes. I know you're scared and you just want your family and you don't know why this is happening to you. I'm here anytime

Lots of luck to you and may your infertility journey be short and sweet!


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Re: Why is Dr. B so awesome? Here's why... Posted on: Sep 25, 2010 at 4:38am
Lauren, I'm glad you kept hounding me to make the change and see Dr. B and Dr. K!!!
I'm still trying to make it to the finish line; it's been a hard, tearful road, but I know I'll get there!!
Love ya!