CD 19/5 and NKT Cells May be "Good Guys" as Well

Posted By PCOS, Inflammation, Coagulation & Miscarriage || 13-Aug-2012

Recent literature has turned up evidence that CD19/5 cells, are not only associated with miscarriage when elevated. In fact, researchers have found that there is a lineage or subset within the population of CD19/5 cells that may actually be "anti-inflammatory" allowing these cells to behave as embryo protective cells or "B" regulator cells. These cells, in fact, have been found to make the important IL10 that is a necessary anti-inflammatory cytokine that deactivates TH1 (inflammatory) cells. When we see a paradoxical elevation in these cells in patients where all other immune issues seem resolved, we may in fact be seeing a "healing" phase.

This is in line with new literature that also shows an "anti-inflammatory" line of NKT cells. Again, elevations in these cells in a picture of immune normalcy, may suggest that these NKT cells are also regulatory or anti-inflammatory in nature.

We are looking into performing "functional assays" to test these cells in the lab in order to help us decide whether an elevation in what was thought to be only pathologic or inflammatory cells, may in fact be regulatory or anti-inflammatory in nature. As of now we use the production of cytokines by these cells to help us determine their function and role.

It is the above reasons why such a detailed immune analysis must be performed prior to recommending any treatments and why levels must be followed so closely.

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