Fetuses As Early As 16 Weeks Can Get "Allergies" Linked To Fetal Demise?

Posted By Dr. Braverman || 10-May-2012

Literature shows that babies begin to have cells in their stomachs (similar to dendritic cells that we have spoken about on our site) as early as 16 weeks in pregnancy. This means that with the presence of these antigen presenting cells (APC's) they are able to pick up and interact with any allergens that pass to the amniotic fluid from the mother which is then swallowed by the baby and these allergens reach the stomach where the APC's are. This may actually be the first time that babies in-utero can react to allergens and may be an avenue to explore with sudden demise at this time of pregnancy (reaction of the baby to an allergen with subsequent "anaphylaxis"). The immune system in the baby this early is not "inert" or "inactive" as we had believed to be the case.

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