Not All IVIG is the Same

Posted By Dr. Braverman || 18-May-2012

Turns out that not all IVIG is the same, and the key active ingredient in IVIG varies between bags from the same manufacturer. The protective antibody that is the key ingredient occurs in MUCH higher concentrations when the serum is collected from women that have had normal pregnancies. In a study that looked at this protective action in patients undergoing a kidney transplant, the rejection rate was much lower when IVIG from the pregnant woman was used. This IVIG was tested and compared to standard IVIG and found to have a much GREATER concentration of the protective (what we call anti idiotypic) antibody. It's interesting that none of the manufacturers of IVIG check to see who the donors are, and therefore, do not control for what is likely (for recurrent pregnancy loss patients) to be the most important ingredient for IVIG. Yes, of course this is something I am now working on and, yes, may also explain the different conclusions that have been reached in multiple studies using IVIG for recurrent pregnancy loss.

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