Immunologic environment of follicle dictates quality of eggs

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 9-Nov-2010

New literature has begun to look at the immune cells and cytokines in the follicular fluid that surrounds the developing egg(oocyte). It has become clear that the better quality eggs come from an environment where there are the right combintions of cells and cytokines. In fact the measure of these chemicals may be a better marker for the "potential" of the egg to implant and lead to a successful pregnancy than our old grading system of grade/fragmentation/cell division.

It is further speculated then that by manipulating the follicular fluid surrounding the developing egg during a stimulation cycle for IVF or IUI we can improve the chances of getting an egg that is properly prepared for fertilization and implantation.

The therapies we have been using at Braverman Reproductive Immunology have focused on these events and new therapies such as CGSF(whose levels in this study were directly related to better egg quality) are being prepared for use in those patients whose failure to conceive or hold a pregnancy are believed to be due to poor egg quality.

Our attention is no longer simply focused on the endometrium but now to the follicle and developing egg itself as the immune system seems to play a significant role in both and understanding these immune interactions helps us to assist many with these problems and to finally concieve and hold their pregnancies.

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