Intra Uterine Treatments making exciting breakthroughs

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 3-Feb-2012

Many new treatments for recurrent pregnancy loss and failed IVF are being directed to the intra uterine environment. The concept is to try and control the immune cells directly at the site of embryo implantation. Three of these new therapies are:

  1. Infusion of HCG into the cavity
  2. Infusion of a patient's own white blood cells into the cavity (some treated with HCG prior to infusion)
  3. Infusion of Neupogen (G-CSF)

All of these have the same theory in their action - to modify messenger dendritic cells and macrophages to their tolerant or immature state and assist the immune system in the production of T regulator cells -- to limit the immune attack against the embryo and enhance implantation. There is also evidence they assist in the conversion of stromal uterine cells to those of pregnancy, called decidiual cells, and this conversion is critical for embryo implantation.

We have had great success using the Neupogen flush and will begin offering these other therapies shortly.

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