New cytokines to follow for risk of RPL

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 21-Sep-2010

There are two new cytokines to follow which have been shown at high levels to be strongly associated with the risk of miscarriage. The first is TH17 , when the dendritic cells go to the lymph nodes and they initiate an attack on the embryo TH0 cells(the undecided cell) turn into both TH1(that we have discussed on the site) and TH17 cells that are now thought to be just as significant as the TH1. Literature shows that the TH17 cells and the cytokines they make are both elevated in patients at risk for miscarriages.

The second cytokine is IL-6 which although needed at small amounts at the site of embryo implantation to assist in implantation, it has been shown that very high levels may also be a significant risk factor for RPL.
The dual role of IL-6 has led people to label it as both a TH1 and a TH2 cytokine. We can now test for IL-6 levels and it will become part of our immune panel along with IL-2 another well known cytokine that promotes T cell activation that is also associated with RPL.

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