IVIG Treatment for Miscarriages

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG)

Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) has been established as one of the most effective treatments for multiple miscarriages. There are several reasons for its usefulness in helping treat recurring pregnancy loss:

  • IVIG helps the embryo shield itself against the mother's immune system
  • It suppresses many of the immune reactions which commonly attack the embryo
  • It increases production of substances which assist growth in the embryo
  • It blocks the transmission of "negative" information about the embryo to the immune system

A large percentage of women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage have found that IVIG is an effective solution to the immunologic causes of miscarriage. It is administered intravenously and there is some theoretical risk of blood-borne disease, but our clinic has used it for over 20 years and in that time, we have not had a single occurrence of disease transmission. In most cases, the worst side-effects are similar to flu symptoms which through the night of the transfusion.

Effective Treatment for Recurring Pregnancy Loss

After an initial consultation, Dr. Braverman will consult with the team at our clinic to determine whether this is the right approach to your case, followed by a second call to brief you on the details of the recommended plan of treatment. In the past, IVIG fertility treatment cost patients as much as $5,000, but our experience has shown that as little as half the dose is often just as effective. If you choose to pursue this program, the IVIG transfusion normally takes about 4-6 hours. Soon, you should be pregnant, and Dr. Braverman will follow your progress for the first 12 weeks to help you along.

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