Donor Egg Program

For those who have been told they need donor eggs, Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology runs a premier donor egg program. After careful assessment of a patient's past IVF failures, our team can quickly diagnose the problems that may have led to the failure and many times we find it was not the patients eggs that were the problem. We then proceed to return to IVF with the patients' own eggs many times with success. If it is deemed that a donor egg is required, a thorough assessment of all implantation issues is made to allow for the earliest implementation of treatment and possibly avoiding the need for repeat donor egg cycles.

Under the direction of Dr. Braverman, we are able to conduct stimulation protocols which include a Lupron release and allow for the safe collection of the maximum number of eggs. By utilizing the unique release properties of Lupron and safely collecting as many eggs as possible, we are able to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome in any given donor egg cycle.

We have our own personal donor pool, which is constantly updated, to provide our patients with the best selection available. In addition, we encourage our patients to search for a donor that best meets their needs. As such, we are willing to work with other donor agencies throughout the nation because we strongly believe that the greater the potential donor pool we create for our patients, the better their chances of finding a donor that truly meets their needs.If the donor egg program is the most viable option, in most cases, the donor egg cycles will begin within two months from a patient's first consultation.