Can IVF Protocols Cause Future Miscarriages?

There are certain IVF protocols which may themselves be the cause of complications in a cycle. They can lead to poor implantation, multiple chemical pregnancies or multiple failed IVF cycles. A thorough review of the IVF protocols previously used with a patient is necessary to determine if these are a factor in ongoing efforts to conceive and successfully complete a pregnancy. If this is the case, it is not necessarily the fault of the previous center; they just did not have the benefit of hindsight as we now have.

When you work with Our Medical Team and our team, this is one of the points we consider as we conduct a thorough examination to isolate the cause of your difficulties. We will develop a treatment program based on what is found. This service is available whether you are a local patient or not, as we are dedicated to helping individuals with fertility issues worldwide. We have also designed IVF protocols that limit the effect of stimulation on egg quality or on the lining of the uterus, so further treatments at our clinic will not carry the same risk. It has led to success after multiple miscarriages or failed IVF cycles for many of our patients.

Reproductive Immunology & Effective Fertility Treatment

Our team is passionate about helping people across the globe realize their dreams of a family. We are the only practice that has been authorized to use the name Reproductive Immunology, as this requires proof of expertise in reproductive medicine and immunology to the New York State Department of Education. We have consistently maintained one of the highest success rates in New York despite the complexity of our patients' situations and we will endeavor to continue that success with you personally.